• Audit and Assurance Services
  1. External/Statutory Audit
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Internal Control Evaluation
  4. Due diligence audit
  5. Performance audit
  • Tax Services and Regulatory Compliance Services
  1. Tax audits
  2. Tax advice, tax return filing and consulting
  3. Tax dispute defense and resolution
  4. Regulatory returns
  5. OCR/NRB/Beema Samiti, Cooperative Division etc., regulatory compliance assistance and consulting
  • Business Advisory and Consulting
  1. Business model design
  2. Feasibility analysis and financial feasibility analysis
  3. Internal control system design and implementation
  4. Preparation of financial and operational manuals/models
  5. Book-keeping and account outsourcing
  6. Payroll preparation and management
  7. Accounting and management training.