Shankar Associates, Chartered Accountants (SACA) is a Kathmandu based assurance and advisory firm. The team of SACA had been working as Independent consultants prior to the initiation of the firm. The individual efforts took institutional form when the Senior Management Team (SMT) decided to organize under the common umbrella of SACA. Initially organized as a sole proprietorship firm, SACA converted to partnership in 2018 to accommodate growing clients’ need and demonstrate its capabilities. SACA is registered at 604 number with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN).

SACA has brought together a team of young, energetic and competent professionals. We believe in creative auditing rather than doing what has been done for decades. We bring together the knowledge and ways of traditional auditing while blending it with new developments in the field of auditing to add value to our clients instead of making audit just a matter of compliance. The very strength of our team is that they come from a diverse work background and culture. This results in assimilation of best experiences, ways of serving clients and solving complex problems to give a unique new blend of service experience to the clients we serve.

SACA aims to develop and implement innovative audit practices while upholding the integrity, professionalism and quality in the services it provides. When it comes to consulting/advisory services, we aim to disseminate the firm’s expertise to clients in the best possible way to assist them in growing. We aspire to put our clients and clients’ values ahead of anything which helps us earn trust and enhance confidence of our clients while doing business with us.  We work together with our clients to create a difference and help them achieve their business sustainable growth in greater collaboration.

SACA aims to be one stop solution to our clients and provide full range of services related to accounts, audit, advisory services, finance and taxation. In past 3 years, SACA has been able to serve the clients from the diverse sectors which include not for profit organization, hospitality business, service industries, trading business and manufacturing industries. The experiences we have gained and the credentials we have achieved in the past two years have fueled us to aspire to become a leading audit and advisory firm in the near future.

Shanakar Associates, Chartered Accountants is a part of Praxity Alliance.

Why being part of Praxity is important for our clients

We value relationships, innovation, flexibility and quality.

Quality:  Member Firms are hand-selected to meet Praxity quality criteria.

Unparalleled choice:  As the largest and fastest-growing alliance of independent accountancy and consulting firms worldwide, membership in Praxity allows firms representing international businesses flexibility and choice.  Praxity Member Firms have 780 offices in 120 countries, often with multiple Member Firms in each location, allowing Member Firms to customise and select a global team to best meet their needs.

Strength in depth: With a combined turnover of US$7.94 billion, Praxity firms have the capability, resource and scale to support clients ranging from small ambitious businesses to established global, listed organisations.

Working together: Each year over 1,000 professionals from Praxity Member Firms attend global conferences, national conferences, tax forums and industry group meetings, enabling them to share knowledge and best practice. It also means close inter-firm relationships, allowing Member Firms to introduce known and trusted contacts to assist their clients.

Leveraging technology: Utilising technology such as Huddle and other such applications, member firms are able to collaborate and work together to provide a seamless global accounting and audit service.

Following opportunity for clients: Praxity actively seeks to have Member Firms with presence in key strategic locations and emerging markets, and is able to move quickly to secure new Member Firms when global opportunities arise.

Award-winning solution: Praxity has won Association of the Year 2021, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014. Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year 2020. Campaign of the Year in 2018, and Rising Star Association of the Year in 2013 – the first year the awards were given.

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