Quality is not only top notch delivery but also the commitment to do so. Shankar Associates has always been conscious to set the tone at the top that quality in our services is the first priority no matter what.

However, quality is overly used but often poorly defined. It can give different meaning in the differing context. Therefore, we at Shankar Associates, have defined what we have mean by Quality.

What is quality for us?

  • Performing task in conformity with ethical values: Basic foundation of quality for us is performing of all the tasks with conformance with ethical principles. We believe that only by maintaining our integrity, independence and by adhering to our ethics can we provide fair and quality service to our clients. We not just comply with Act, Rule, Regulation, Pronouncement that is mandatory required but also look to incorporate best practices to both be and appear ethical in all situations.
  • Timely delivery: We will deliver our work within a set time limit and even earlier. We will promise a reasonable time and will deliver within that time period. The timely delivery not just means of works but also giving of the right information at the right time through right means to our clients.
  • Consistent and uniform delivery: All the Services that Shankar Associates provides meet certain standards. We always provide consistent and uniform services no matter who is involved in the assignment. The results are always cross verified and ensured that only optimum solutions / reports / results are delivered to the clients.

Assurance of Quality at Firm Level

Shankar Associates adopted the Quality Control Manual in 2017 with the sole purpose of standardizing the quality review process and ensuring that all the assignment required pass through a set process prior to being delivered to clients. The said quality control manual is based on the Nepal Standards Quality Control – 1 (NSQC 1).

Quality is a core value of Shankar Associates, deeply integrated in our culture. We ensure right and competent people are assigned to the work, make sure that each of the staff assigned is duly supervised and finally committed and required time involvement is done by partners and staffs.

One key feature of our service delivery is involvement of at least one partner throughout the assignment. This involvement in past has proven critical to serve each client and meet all the quality standards that we have envisioned. Besides direct involvement and control of assignment, we make sure all the reports and suggestions are reviewed by at least one member of SMT independent of the assignment even in cases certification by Engagement Quality Control Reviewer (EQCR) is not required.